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i love chocolates!!!


he was sooo excited! it was his first time on an airplane 🙂

May 22

Last Saturday was my bestest bestfriend’s birthday!! It is one of my most favorite day of the year. I remembered we’d go to her house and eat her house. j/k.. 😀 But because I am million of miles away.. all I could do was a lousy text message :(. I feel so bad for not even calling. 😦 I would have flown to cdo but I was tied to an activity so I couldn’t. {Yip.. I used the word “flown” because I am not going to ride a bus with endless roads if I can help it. There is a cheap fare on the net.. so I am thinking about that when I visit on August. 😀 –sponsors are very welcome btw.. 😀 }

So.. what was that activity I was telling you about?

Davao Philippines Institute of Religion’s Recruitment Concert.

It was like a ‘concert tour’.. so it spelled a lot of F-U-N! We only have three stops.. hehehe.. 🙂 Our first stop was in Digos. I have never been to Digos City before. My father said it was only “59 minutes, 58.02 seconds away”. The concert was supposed to start at 4pm.. but we were late. 😦 Blame it on the Bus driver! He misunderstood the directions and thought that we were going to this other church. As a result.. we had to walk.. one of the participants said it will be a long walk. But it was fun.. for the first few minutes that is. I walked with my sister and argued about this tree whose leaves were already falling off. 🙂 Then, we were tired of walking.. it felt like we were one of the Israelites in Moses’ time.. we didn’t know where “the place” was.. so, we resorted to riding tricycles.. 😀 hehehe! We were the first rebellious batch.. and we had to hide from the other people that were still patiently walking.. hahaha!

I was in charge of the videos and the LCD.. so that was what I did. The only other challenge we had there was the microphones. There were only two microphones available. 😦 But the crowd were enthusiastic. 🙂 It was really, really nice when the Stake President said they didn’t expect something this grand. 🙂 The ‘talents’ gave their bests! They were on a higher performance level!! It was fun watching them. They were really, really, really talented!

Even when I was just a crew member.. I am happy and proud to be part of the Recruitment Concert. 🙂

Sa uulitin people!

–ng mga Insong

___ 1. Mg ka “ochoperosis” ka.. 🙂
___ 2. Punta pa bya ako sa “HBW”.
___ 3. Si Mr. Eagle-Chicken-Pig-Turkey.

(a) Justine
(b) Mama
(c) Jason

😉 hehehe! ang saya saya!

Wordless Wednesday

I get to do something extremely exciting every Monday. 🙂 I am sooo psyched!

I was bloghoppping..

… when I notice this quote:

In the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you’ve imagined.”
-Henry David Thoreau

It works perfectly with something I learned last sunday.. “Begin with the end in mind”.


Yesterday was my grandmother’s birthday. (I didn’t know :(). I’m so sorry lola. Most of my cousins (and sometimes my siblings) call her “Mommy” — I still call her Lola though. 🙂 I miss her. I wanted to show you a picture of her. But, I can’t. I don’t even have a single photo of her on my hard drive. The last time I saw her was when I was 12 years old. We’re not that close because I am her extremely shy apo. 😉 But I always remembered how when we’d go visit them.. she’d go and kiss each one of us.

I miss her (and my lolo). I wish they’ll live longer. They are great and kind people. I love them. 🙂

Today, on my FB Homepage I was reminded how we should all be grateful. I tried that experiment a few weeks ago. Whenever I feel like the world’s weight were on my shoulders.. I’d think “I’m thankful for –“.

I am grateful. I’m grateful for a LOT of things. At this very moment.. I’m thankful Firefox exists. I can’t imagine working without it. I’m also really, really, really thankful for firebug and jquery. You make my tasks do-able! Thanks for everything. I might not say it much.. but I am thankful.

If you’re an LDS, FHE is definitely not new to you. Ever since I can remember, Mondays were always Family Home Evening Nights. We’d start with a prayer of course. Then work our way from youngest to eldest (who happens to be the most beautiful child) to my parents for the talent presentation. We do it every FHE. The youngest normally gives the cutest numbers. 🙂 I remembered them singing songs from school. Or, when my cousin lived with us (he loved karaoke!) .. our talent presentations were all from my father’s magic sing (karaoke)! But our FHE will never be complete without KC’s “Twinkle twinkle little star”. 🙂

We’ve also had our share of FHE games.. We played that animal guessing game which was really, really, really fun when I was younger. We also had the hunter-lion-police? Something like that. I also really loved “John the Baptist”. 🙂

But.. my all-time favorite is: Charade! Not because we always win 🙂 hehehehe! It is just sooo much fun to play Charade with my siblings. They have invented the world’s best charade actions. No one can forget Jared’s “Salt Lake” clue.. hahaha! Even when he was in the mission field.. we’d remember his “salt” idea every Monday. The ceiling have also been pointed to A LOT. Joshua loves to do that. There was also that time when me and my sister Mickey cheated and just asked for the Hymn number! 🙂 Ahhh.. good times!

A Family Home Evening always has a lesson before the closing song & prayer. Lately, my father asks Mariz (my 12-year old sister) to give the lesson. Even when she’s not prepared.. she always has a lesson to share. Normally, it’s the lesson from Sunday School or from her YW Class.

Then, if we’re lucky.. we have refreshments. 🙂

I hope you’ve had a nice FHE last Monday too.. what did you do?