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he was sooo excited! it was his first time on an airplane 🙂


–ng mga Insong

___ 1. Mg ka “ochoperosis” ka.. 🙂
___ 2. Punta pa bya ako sa “HBW”.
___ 3. Si Mr. Eagle-Chicken-Pig-Turkey.

(a) Justine
(b) Mama
(c) Jason

😉 hehehe! ang saya saya!

If you’re an LDS, FHE is definitely not new to you. Ever since I can remember, Mondays were always Family Home Evening Nights. We’d start with a prayer of course. Then work our way from youngest to eldest (who happens to be the most beautiful child) to my parents for the talent presentation. We do it every FHE. The youngest normally gives the cutest numbers. 🙂 I remembered them singing songs from school. Or, when my cousin lived with us (he loved karaoke!) .. our talent presentations were all from my father’s magic sing (karaoke)! But our FHE will never be complete without KC’s “Twinkle twinkle little star”. 🙂

We’ve also had our share of FHE games.. We played that animal guessing game which was really, really, really fun when I was younger. We also had the hunter-lion-police? Something like that. I also really loved “John the Baptist”. 🙂

But.. my all-time favorite is: Charade! Not because we always win 🙂 hehehehe! It is just sooo much fun to play Charade with my siblings. They have invented the world’s best charade actions. No one can forget Jared’s “Salt Lake” clue.. hahaha! Even when he was in the mission field.. we’d remember his “salt” idea every Monday. The ceiling have also been pointed to A LOT. Joshua loves to do that. There was also that time when me and my sister Mickey cheated and just asked for the Hymn number! 🙂 Ahhh.. good times!

A Family Home Evening always has a lesson before the closing song & prayer. Lately, my father asks Mariz (my 12-year old sister) to give the lesson. Even when she’s not prepared.. she always has a lesson to share. Normally, it’s the lesson from Sunday School or from her YW Class.

Then, if we’re lucky.. we have refreshments. 🙂

I hope you’ve had a nice FHE last Monday too.. what did you do?

Last, last Monday.. my mother mentioned my Tita G asking for pictures for my cousin K’s Graduation. We were to hold up a word/sentence/letter as our family’s message for her.. 😉 Me and my sister KayCeline had a very exciting brainstorming 10-minute session on what to hold.. until we decided on “CONGRATZ!”.

For an impromptu “session”.. the pictures turned out well. 😉

Don’t you just love the letters? 😉 [My father taught me how to make them when I was in 6th grade. ]