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Halalan 2010

Today was a big day in the Philippines. Most of my FB friends’ status updates were about the election. Almost all of them were not pleased with the new system. When I turned 18, my best friend excitedly told me that I can now vote. 🙂 But I never did. I know you’re going to lecture me on how I should have registered and voted, or of how I’m letting my country down. I know. I learned my lesson. See, I don’t like politics. At all. So, I initially thought that my vote wouldn’t do anything. But this last few weeks, as I was listening to people thinking about their vote.. I thought how I couldn’t do that. I thought about how I couldn’t use my right. I thought about how I could have helped. I also thought about how exciting it would’ve been to experience the new voting system. Hehehe.. 🙂

I wish we’re getting a better president.. we really need it.

P.S: But I am a bit thankful I didn’t go out today. 🙂 I’m not sure if I’ll survive the long lines.. and the waiting.. and the chaos.


Phew! I just survived a busy weekend. 🙂

Friday.. After work, I rushed my sisters to SM to watch Iron Man 2. But.. the movie schedule was not for us 😦 We had a YW Activity at 5pm. 😦 So.. we decided to just look around and get gifts for Mother’s Day. Plus we fulfilled Mariz’ latest mission in life: eat halo-halo. It was soooo nyummy.

Then, it was off to the YW Activity.

Yip. It looked like that. It was a volleyball game. 🙂 There were three teams. (“Nagdaog lng sa serbisyo! hahaha!)

But it was fun. We played. And. Lost. 😦 hehehe!

Saturday was back at Stake Center. I volunteered my help for DPIR’s Recruitment Concert. 🙂 So.. I needed to be there to talk to the ‘talents’. I hope they were as excited as I was. I was back at the Stake Center again at 4pm for the Youth’s Agila practice.. and we had our very first complete Stake YW Presidency Meeting.. nice! :]

Sunday was Mother’s Day!!! 🙂 It was a great day.. The Young Men and Young Women sang for the mothers. As I was listening to them.. I had to stop my tears. I remembered the many, many Mother’s Day songs I sang when I was in Primary where I cried. Infront. Of. Everyone!! It was really, really embarrassing.

I was also released as the Ward Primary Secretary. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in the Ward Primary. It was a wonderful and humbling experience to associate with the little children. It was nice to be their ‘ate’. I am also the unofficial Primary Pianist.. (so.. I was also ‘released’ from that). The closing song for Sharing Time was something that the kids didn’t know yet. And so, I volunteered “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus”. It is one of the songs I love in Primary… As I was playing for them.. I was thinking that if this was a movie scene.. there’d be flashbacks of my time in the Primary. There’d be me giving out mails as “Sis. Mailbox”. There’d be me teasing the little children. There’d be me with the Presidency on our meetings eating.. 🙂 .. I will miss them. But I am also happy to try a new challenge.

Then there was a CES re-broadcast for Young Single Adults. 🙂 If there was one thing that really struck me.. it was when Bishop Burton said “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.”

After the fireside, I sat in the lounge (waiting for my parents). Then, I saw this (and thought of sharing it to everyone).

So.. how was your weekend?

Awww Facebook!

Aww Facebook.. I love you too! 😉 Hehehe..

Today, while I was on FB.. I noticed that I now have 143 Friend Requests. I sometimes think that numbers means something.. and I know generally.. people use ‘143’ to mean ‘I love you’. hehehe!

Thankyou Facebook for letting me connect with family and friends that are dear to me.

PS: You might think that ‘143’ friend requests is A LOT.. It is. hahaha! I started collecting friend requests two years ago. I normally don’t add people I personally don’t know. I am not a snob or anything.. I just don’t know that many people really.


I am sooo frustrated! Our internet connection is the epitome of failure. Couple that with IE’s unfriendliness. Aarrrrggghh!!! It does not help that I am still crying over spilled milk. 😦 It is weird you know. I am normally really excited when it’s friday.. huhuhu

Last, last Monday.. my mother mentioned my Tita G asking for pictures for my cousin K’s Graduation. We were to hold up a word/sentence/letter as our family’s message for her.. 😉 Me and my sister KayCeline had a very exciting brainstorming 10-minute session on what to hold.. until we decided on “CONGRATZ!”.

For an impromptu “session”.. the pictures turned out well. 😉

Don’t you just love the letters? 😉 [My father taught me how to make them when I was in 6th grade. ]

You must try Bird Strike! It was free when I installed it.. 😉 Me and Joshua had a blast playing this..


Hmmm.. I am about to sleep.. but I really think you should see my new gravatar:

My Gravatar!

Isn’t she beautiful? (hehe.. yip, I think talking in 3rd person is necessary here.. hehehehe!)..

I sooo think that this girl’s really pretty 🙂 Hehehe! I am happy she ‘agreed’ to be the face of my blog.. (Thanks to IttyBitty 52 Actions for the Urban Intensity action.. 😉 –I soo love this self-portrait! If we’re friends on fb.. I’m sure you can tell because that was my profile picture for a very long time..)

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I don’t like calling our internet connection’s help desk. They do not help. Whenever I call them, I end up feeling frustrated (and angry). What’s sad is that this internet connection is better than all the others. 😦

When I woke up today (after going back and forth on the pros and cons of going back to sleep :D).. I remembered I called help desk yesterday.. and the agent had the guts to blame the lousy internet connection on my beloved router. So, I connected direct to the modem this morning.. and guess what? –there were still a lot of Request Time Out.. 😦 arrrggghhh! What’s weird is that this normally happens from 5pm – 4am.. I so doubt that my router thinks that 5pm-4am is her time to sleep..

So, again.. I called help desk. This time.. I was prepared. The call was quick. She concluded that she needed to send my problem to the real technical team.. hihihihi 🙂 A big part of me was smiling when I placed my receiver down. First Time. I cannot NOT blog about it, right?

So.. if you’re calling your internet connection’s help desk.. remember to connect your unit direct to the modem. That will save you a lot of time and you won’t have to listen to the agent’s blahblahblah about it being your fault and you can establish the fact that the problem is on their end.

What a nice way to start the day.. hahaha!